Horizon Child Development Center
School For Early Learning

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Our Philosophy

About Us

Our Philosophy

Horizon Child Development Center, School for Early Learning believes wholeheartedly in the success of every child. We provide a safe and loving environment where children develop their sense of curiosity and learn life lessons that build character and nurture the spirit of greatness.

Our high standards encourage all children to reach their greatest potential. They are challenged and inspired by creative curriculums and stimulating activities taught by dedicated teachers. Our children learn to care for others, share and work with others, make choices, accept responsibility, respect God and country, themselves and the world around them. They learn to persevere, as it takes time and endurance to achieve worthy goals.  Every member of our staff is devoted to our mission.

At Horizon, we know it takes more than a bright mind and an able body to live a happy and purposeful life. Enlightened men like Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther King long ago taught the world that a true education is achieved not just by acquiring knowledge, but through growing in character as well.

We are proud and privileged to help shape bright futures by nurturing the minds, bodies, and spirits of all the children who spend their early learning years at Horizon Child Development Center, School for Early Learning.